Medicare Cost Report Submission Deadline

Attention Medicare providers! It’s time to prepare your Medicare and Medicaid cost report and reimbursement for submission. But you don’t have to complete this arduous accounting task on your own. Advantage Healthcare Consulting has developed a specialized service to meet the needs of Home Health Care Agencies, Hospice Care Providers, and Skilled Nursing Facilities. With our years of experience filing hundreds of cost reports for our clients, we’ve developed:

  1. Personal touch service designed to take the stress off your team
  2. Detailed execution which ensures timely present and future reimbursements
  3. The fastest turnaround time in the industry
  4. An affordably priced, all-inclusive flat fee that’s fixed in advance
  5. Complimentary follow-up with any questions that may arise
  6. Assistance with any audit from the Medicare or Medicaid Intermediary

Remember, the 2017 Medicare cost report is due May 31, 2018.

Facilities who have different fiscal year ends (other than December 31), would count five months from the close of their books.

Also, please note that the PS&R data is only available online ( and will no longer be mailed by the MAC.  If you do not have access to the PR&R data online please start the process now, as it can take some time to complete. Register for the Medicare IACS system at:

Here you will obtain:

  • PS&R payment information
  • If already registered, check your access:
  • Accounts are deactivated if the provider fails to recertify (once a year)
  • Your account password must be reset every 60 days

If you need information regarding accessing the PS&R please call me at (626) 297-0094 or e-mail me at or visit

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