How to Obtain Access to the PS&R Application

Obtaining access to PS&R is a 2-step process. You must register in EIDM before
requesting access (and be approved) for the PS&R application.
Each provider organization must have a designated Security Official (SO). The SO
is ultimately responsible for all users in the organization. The SO will:
• First, register the organization in EIDM,
• Submit all required verification documentation to the EUS helpdesk, and
• If approved, you will be given the ability to approve other users within your
organization for access to the PS&R system.
Note –The SO will delegate PS&R access to the “PS&R Users”.
Once the SO is approved, the PS&R Users should complete the following in order
to access the PS&R system:

  • In the EIDM website,, select New User Registration and
    complete the questions.
  • At the top of the page is a link for help and FAQs with helpful information on
    how to register for an EIDM account, and a Quick Reference Guides. These are
    very helpful in obtaining your EIDM ID.
  • Once you have completed the EIDM registration and received your IACS ID and
    password, log in to EIDM and update your profile and security questions (as
    explained in the Quick Reference Guides).
  • In your EIDM account, click on the “Request Access Now” and select PS&R.
    Complete the questions and click submit. Your request will be sent to your
    organization’s security official for approval. If approved, you will be able to log in
    the PS&R system.
  • Once you have PS&R access, you may enter PS&R by using the URL included
    on the Provider Community page on the PS&R website (
  • Enter your EIDM ID and click on next; it will take you to the page for your
    password. Enter your password and click log in; this will take you to the PS&R
    home page in the PS&R application.
  • If you have questions regarding EIDM, please contact the EUS help desk,
    External User Services (EUS) at 866-484-8049, or
  • If you have PS&R application specific questions, please contact your FI/MAC.
    Note – The PS&R allows access to Medicare providers only. Home Offices or
    surrogate groups will not be able to directly access PS&R. Therefore, each
    provider will need to complete a separate registration.

If you have further question please feel free to contact me a or 626-297-0094

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