If you need longer than 30 days to repay the full amount of an overpayment due to the hospice Cap, you should submit a request for an ERS. While you may request an ERS at any time during the debt-collection process, submittal within the first 30 days of the demand letter date may decrease the necessity to withhold interim payments.

  • If the ERS request is received within 30 days of the date of the demand letter and it is complete and first payment is included, the withholding placed on interim payments may be reduced from 100–30% during the review process.
  • If we do not hear from the provider regarding an ERS application within 30 days from the date of the demand letter we will begin to recoup the overpayment by withholding interim payments at rate a of 100%.
  • Any payments withheld will be applied to the outstanding overpayment and will not be refunded.
  • Any request for an ERS greater than 36 months will be forwarded to the CMS for approval.
  • Any approved ERS will run from the date of the initial demand letter.
  • You must continue to submit monthly payments until written approval or denial is received. If you fail to continue to submit monthly payments, we may initiate withholding of interim payments.
  • Your check should be made payable to National Government Services and reference “ERS (Part A or Part B) Request.”

Advantage Healthcare Consulting (AHC) specializes in helping agencies prepare all of the necessary reports in order to obtain an extended repayment schedule (ERS) from your Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for an affordable fee with the faster turn around time in the industry.

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