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Advantage Healthcare Consulting has Years of Experience Filing Thousands of Cost Reports for both Medicare and Medicaid Providers. Let us do it for you!

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Advantage Healthcare Consulting offers the best service to complete your cost report quickly, accurately, and reliably, with the highest success rates in the industry

Our process is specialized for Home Health Care Agencies, Hospice Care Providers, Skilled Nursing Facilities, FQHC's, CMHC's, and Hospitals which allows our cost report preparation to be:


Our industry-leading processes allow for the fastest turnaround time possible.


Our detailed execution ensures timely present and future reimbursement.


Our personal-touch service takes the stress off your team.


Our affordably-priced, all-inclusive flat fee is fixed in advance. Call now for special pricing.

Sandy McCleve

Managing Director

Sandy McCleve is the Managing Director at Advantage Healthcare Consulting with nearly a decade of experience as an accounting and tax preparation consultant specifically for healthcare clients. Sandy has developed proprietary tools and systems that allow Advantage Healthcare Consulting to provide the fastest, most accurate cost reports and truly qualifies him as a specialist in Medicare and Medicaid Cost Reporting for Home Health Agencies, Hospice Providers, Skilled Nursing Facilities, FQHC's, CMHC's and Hospitals.

We also specialize in helping hospice agencies with Hospice Cap Calculations and Extended Repayment Schedules (ERS).  

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